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The Aviumtechnologies Panel Method (APM) is a low-order, unsteady, unstructured, three-dimensional panel method for arbitrary geometries.

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From Idea to Prototype

In three easy steps

Step 1. Prepare your design

Use OpenVSP, Gmsh, or any other meshing software to create a mesh of your design. The Aviumtechnologies Panel Method supports structured and unstructured meshes. The support of unstructured meshes allows the simulation of complex body shapes.

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Step 2. Perform simulations

Perform steady and unsteady simulations with the Aviumtechnologies Panel Method. Arbitrary body motions can be prescribed, allowing simulations of wind turbines and rotors in hover. Use different methods to calculate the surface pressure and the robust wake-body intersection handling.

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Step 3. Examine results

Examine your results by visualising them with industry-standard visualisation & analysis tools such as ParaView and Tecplot. In addition, you can visualise your results using the web-based APM viewer. Please refer to the documentation for more information on supported file formats.

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A robust tool for conceptual design

Use the Aviumtechnologies Panel Method to optimise your design by performing parametric simulations. Determine the static and dynamic stability derivatives of your design by performing unsteady simulations. Use the results to improve the performance and stability characteristics of your design and create realc flight simulators.

  • Control surfaces modelling capabilities
  • Actuator disks modelling capabilities
  • Static/dynamic stability derivatives estimation capabilities

Please, note that the standard limitations of panel methods apply.

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Example application: Simulink-based flight simulator using APM results that is capable of performing software-in-the loop (SIL) simulations with ArduPlance and Pixhawk open-source autopilots.

Use APM to perform unsteady simulations with custom motion

Ideal for aerospace engineers

Use the Aviumtechnologies Panel Method to create your own designs. Follow our how to examples and improve your understanding of aerodynamics, aircraft stabiltiy, and design along the way. And don't stop there - if you have an idea or suggestion please contact us!

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